Fractal Plasma Fishtank
Fractal Plasma Fishtank
Fractal Plasma Fishtank is a new DVD with animations of plasma fractals mixed with high quality sound. The DVD is currently being being sold at CustomFlix.

With over 60 minutes of video and music, this is the ultimate collection of plasma animations for ambiance, parties, or just to show off your new big-screen TV. Included are four plasma sequences of multiple colors to fit all different occasions. Each plasma animation is nearly fifteen minutes long and will loop continuously for an endless display

"Blue Lightning" exhibits a soothing blend of white and blue. "Alien" is an extraterrestrial combination of fuschia and green neon. "Electric Orange" combines a warm orange with purple outlines for a quite lively display. "Lava" gives a glowing red essence in the room.

Also included is a preview of the Fractal Fishtank Volume II. Named "Cacophony", these animations combine to create a sometimes bizzare collection of fractal animations of all different types and palettes.

Instead of the TV being a distraction when visiting with friends, let it be a conversation piece! Enjoy the soundtrack included on the DVD or put in your own choice of music.

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To see a short Low-Resolution trailer, click here for a Quicktime movie format(1.1MB).

Also, we have some links to Free Low-Res Video Samples from the DVD. Click on the picture frames below to play the videos. You may want to right-click and save to your hard drive first if the video does not play in your browser.

Blue Lightning

Blue Lightning - 1.5MB


Alien- 2.6MB

Electric Orange

Electric Orange- 2.7MB


Lava- 1.6MB


Cacophony- 7.3MB

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